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5.5" EDC Sheath

5_5 EDC-Sth
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The FOBOS 5.5" EDC Sheath is designed to allow the end user to carry Horizontally, Angled, Vertically or IWB (via integrating an after-market belt clip) and has rare-earth magnetic retention sewn-in. The belt slots will accommodate belts up to 1.75" in width. The sheaths outer dimensions are 7" x 2.625", with an internal depth of approximately 5.5" with an opening width of 1.875". The FOBOS 5.5" EDC Sheath is designed to fit and provide quality retention with many different knives.

Sheath / Knife fitments: IWB, Horizontal, Angled or Vertical carry

  • Tier1-mini
  • Tier1-RB
  • Tier1-Cbt
  • Tier1-BC
  • Tope TDC
  • Ultra Lite Bushcrafter
  • Mini Aurora
  • Bravo Sentry
  • Bravo EDC
  • Fox River Featherweight
  • JX6 Companion
  • North Country EDC
  • Bravo Necker II
  • Moutaineer II
  • Mini Kephart
  • Donnybrook
  • LT Wright Daily Carry
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