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Who is FOBOS?

Okay, about F.O.B.O.S. Knives. We are a veteran owned service disabled small business enterprise. In deciding to build F.O.B.O.S. as a business, I had one standard in mind.



Quality… quality in design & function.  A performance quality that only shows through in the service of your knife!!!



I make and design superior tools based on how the end-user needs to use them.  Superior quality, at least for F.O.B.O.S. is defined through: effective weights and properly designed-in balance points, an ergonomic handle purchase, designed-in primary & secondary bevels, proper material selection in the grade material to fit the job, and lastly, fit & finish.   Performance quality is core at F.O.B.O.S., in everything we execute. 



In describing my background and how that background comes through in my builds. Simply, I was a soldier. Who joined at 17 in 1984, and finished my career with 29 years of service in a couple different government organizations. In all but six of those twenty nine years, I served as an 18D, a Special Forces medic, operating all across our planet. Pretty much non-stop since about 11 days after 9/11, until late into 2014. As a designer, maker, builder, tinkerer, artist, I have drawn/designed and had equipment made by London Bridges, worked with First Spear, with Velocity Systems, MatBock, sewn bags, sewn my own pants and combat tops, made my own knives, blah, blah, blah. I did all of these things because I always saw things differently and I always wanted things done, just a little bit differently!  So… I usually had to end up making it myself or journey to find someone with the same capabilities and mindset. I got into knives because of career necessities as an Operator, and found out I was good at it.  Now that I can have a public face, I can bring that to you!



YOUR blade? What goes into it? From my handles, to my blade geometry’s, my sheath

designs, even our heat treat’s & quench, a special operations approach goes into it all!

An assurance, that the thing is going to be there with you at the end. It may even be the

reason, you are there at the end!!! 



There are true cutlery artisans out there, but how many of those artists are authorities in




I absolutely believe… I, hands down, design and make the best hard use knives on the planet!



Your knife will not be cheap. This kind of quality takes: time, the correct materials, dedication, endurance

and experience. It is your hard earned treasure that you are putting on the line for me to build you your

game changer. So… your treasure is backed up by an limited lifetime warranty. Send me the handle of what

is left, and its fixed or replaced. Original ownership is unimportant. That being said, I warranty the knife,

not the person. Don’t be an idiot!



All in all, that does it. I look forward to serving you and more importantly hearing your feedback about our

products. You can PM me on our FB page, or IG page @FOBOS Knives, or contact me thru our website,

9am to 5pm, Monday thru Friday. Email, call or PM, I’m there. I sincerely appreciate your business!



And to our veterans,

Strength & Honor!



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