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4.5" EDC Sheath

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Product Details
Brand: FOBOS Leather

The FOBOS 4.5" EDC Sheath provides the end user multiple ambidextrous-carry options, such as: Vertical, Angled, or Horizontal, as well as IWB (via integrating an after-market belt clip). The FOBOS 4.5" EDC Sheath is designed to fit and provide quality retention with many different knives within the following dimensions, blade length 4.5" x blade height 1.75".

Included with the sheath is a removable retention strap & snap, plus an embedded 79lbs. RE Magnet. When the strap & snap are removed, the sheaths built-in magnetic retention secures your knife. The back panel belt slots will accommodate belts up to 1.75" in width.

All FOBOS EDC & Combatives Sheaths will accommodate the FOBOS 3” Double Button Dangler. The FOBOS 3” Double Button Dangler is sold separately.

Care recommendations: On & inside of your FOBOS leather sheath; non-vegetable based oils and wax products should be utilized to maintain and ensure the longest life possible. Wicked Wax is recommended for use with your FOBOS Leather Sheath.

Sheath / Knife fitments: IWB, Horizontal, Angled or Vertical carry

  • Tier1-mini
  • Tier1-RB
  • Tier1-Cbt
  • Tope TDC
  • Ultra Lite Bushcrafter
  • Mini Aurora
  • Bravo Sentry
  • Bravo EDC
  • Fox River Featherweight
  • JX6 Companion
  • North Country EDC
  • Bravo Necker II
  • Moutaineer II
  • Mini Kephart
  • Donnybrook
  • LT Wright Daily Carry
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